Catch Covid-22

Catch 22.

In Catch 22, the only reason any aircrew can avoid flying a mission is insanity. Anyone who is sane would not want to fly a mission but if you ask not to fly you must be sane and must therefore fly. It’s like getting a job sometimes. You cannot get the job unless you have experience and you cannot get experience unless you get the job. Two sets of rules in conflict with one another: Catch 22.

SARS-Cov-2 – Humanity wiped out?

It’s clear to everyone now that SARS-Cov-2 is pretty pathetic when it comes to wiping out humanity. It might be more contagious than Influenza A and B but is half as effective and is highly discriminatory in who it grabs but not whose brain it infects.

With a few notable exceptions our leaders have adopted the same policies which have substantially damaged the world’s economies more seriously than ever before. It is well known that struggling economies reduce healthcare, increase mortality rates and indirectly encourage crime.

Leadership under the spotlight.

The right thing to do now is to recognise this was a massive and fundamental error of leadership and immediately release all restrictions on populations with one exception. Protect the vulnerable, those who already have serious medical conditions of any age but especially those who are over about 65. Let everyone else get back to real normal not fake “new normal”.

This will not be allowed to happen.

If our political leaders allowed it to happen, it would be an admission of error. If they admit the error, they have no excuse for the much higher numbers of non-Covid deaths of those who they have prevented from accessing treatments for known conditions by exclusion or fear of presenting themselves for diagnosis, let alone treatment.

Stockholm Syndrome.

Politicians are aided and abetted in this by those amongst us already exhibiting Stockholm Syndrome. This is a mental condition in which the captive sides with the captor as in long term kidnappings, from which the term was derived. If someone says “I’m worried it’s too early to go back to normal” or emphasises the need for a new normal, they have it after 8 weeks in captivity. They are the Fetid Brains who use FB to castigate anyone not following irrational rules to the letter instead of staying locked up like the rest of us might hope.

They also have no idea how the human race has survived so long by getting infected and fighting it off to become immune. These same people probably don’t want to be immunised because they don’t understand how that works either. Remember how Chinese whispers moved the narrative from protecting health systems to “it can kill you”? I don’t either but it did.

It’s almost a Catch 22 for the politicians, but not quite, if they stick to the narrative. Tell the truth and they are to blame for the deaths to come but may limit the damage to their economies a little. Maintain the pretence and they can blame those future deaths on their need to act on Covid and hope that the sustained economic damage and associated crime, suffering and deaths will also be forgiven.

The economy stupid.

“The economy, stupid” was a campaign phrase coined by James Carville for Bill Clinton’s successful stand against George W Bush in 1992. Another lesser known phrase from the same campaign was “Don’t forget health care”, by the same author. There was a recession in the US at the time.

My money is on perpetuating the brainwash and winging it on the economy. Until the money runs out and their sponsorship funding with it.

Next haircut anyone?


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