Cyprus Government Payout Promises.If you or your business has experienced problems with the payout promises, please write to us.

There is a very good way to detect when you are being fed nonsense! If the instructions vary across different groups then they are based on whim or politics and not on science or evidence.

Cyprus Government Payout Promises.

The Cyprus government promised payouts to businesses and individuals who were compelled to cease trading. There has been no consistency in payments and many have still received nothing. But as a sound byte it was good at the time.

For our safety we were compelled to get travel permissions via SMS which despite a few start up glitches was operating very quickly and effectively. Electronic contactless payment systems were enhanced and transaction amounts without needing keypad entry of a PIN were increased to reduce handling cash.

Dirty Money.

You may realise that all money is dirty but not be aware how bad it is. A US study in 2017 found 80% of dollar bills had traces of cocaine. Perhaps worse, 94% had traces of poop, fecal matter. A UK study found that paper money could transfer flu virus for up to 17 days. In other words the government was right to seek to reduce cash transactions.

Except, of course, for the social security department! Some of my business acquaintances have said that this department is complaining that companies have not been paying their dues. Conveniently forgetting that a) they have been closed, b) that you have to pay in person and c) you must pay in cash. That’s right, 2020, Corona virus and cash and in person. Doubly insecure standards wouldn’t you say?

We can pay our electricity, telecommunications and tax by JCC without leaving home, but not social security. Now, my experience of cash being King is when something corrupt, dodgy or illegal is happening. So is there a social security black economy? Is there a Mr. Big with his hand in the social security pot? It might explain why cash is demanded and why few are being paid what was promised? Or it could just be bureaucratic incompetence.

Whatever, I think it is another case where we need Kyriacos Kokkinos, Minister of Innovation to kick some arse and work his magic. Businesses have enough to do getting back on their feet without standing in line to wasting valuable time and resources to satisfy insane requirements which are in direct contravention of all Covid guidance and compulsion elsewhere.


Editor’s Note:

If you or your business has experienced problems with the payout promises, please write to us.

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